Christmas Newsletter 2019

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Hi there,

You are likely getting a lot of emails right now about Christmas and giving. So I’d like to get to the important stuff quickly.

CBMC has a rich heritage. It is old and beautiful in so many ways. Many of the people who spearheaded the glory years of CBMC are no longer with us, or are in their senior years. It is no secret to me, the Board, or to most of our members that our membership is aging.

But we don’t want CBMC to fade with age!

The vision, mission and purpose CBMC started with is as relevant today as it was over 80 years ago. The gospel hasn’t changed. And the need for the business world to know Jesus hasn’t changed.

Unfortunately, the methods we have been using have limited the effect we’re having on the next generation.

If you think of your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren, they are engaged in technology like never before. They have access to information at the tip of their fingers and carry devices at younger and younger ages. Like it or not, this is not likely to change.

So how do we reach this generation? Can CBMC be relevant to the young business man or woman who works from home on a laptop, or who runs an international business from their phone? Can CBMC fulfill the vision, mission and purpose and begin to see impact in this younger generation?

We believe the answer is yes! The gospel is as necessary to the youngest generations now starting out as it was to us, and we are called to reach them.

We have already begun using new technology to offer online studies, online mentoring, and opportunities to grow and learn about faith in the marketplace. We’re just getting started but the opportunities are huge! And the responses have been encouraging.

I’m inviting you to take action. No matter your age, whether you are retired or working, I would like you to seriously consider being an active part of the resurgence of CBMC … this time online.

Here is what I’d like you to pray about:

1. Join an online group. Join alone if you must. But better yet, invite your young managers, a son or daughter, an adult grandchild, a nephew or niece to join with you. Perhaps you have a core team at your business who could use some leadership training – join with them. For more information on the online group options, see below.

2. Donate. In order to move into this technological age, we are and will continue to experience additional costs and expenses to acquire the equipment and invest in the software, and social media presence as well as other changes necessary to impact the future generations. Since this is an entirely donation-based organization, we need you.

We’d like to marry the actions together!

So for every donation of $5000 that is received in the month of December, you will be offered a free seat for yourself (or to give as a gift to someone else) in one of the online Goldgrowth Mastermind groups of your choice to take anytime during 2020.

If you donate $20,000, you could equip a group of 4 people with leadership and discipleship tools that will invest in them and the next generation.

For a donation of $100,000 an entire team of 20 people would be entitled to leadership and discipleship training.

Of course, no donation amount is too small or too big. We are excited to use whatever you feel God is leading you to give for His glory and to further His Kingdom.

Not only would you be investing in the lives of others, reigniting the flame of CBMC, but you’d also be supporting an organization you may have benefitted from and which will carry on the mandate for you for decades to come.

Christmas is a time we remember God’s gift. He invested far more than we could imagine, and He did it so every human ever born would have the opportunity of life eternal with Him and life abundant on earth. I urge you to follow this Christmas example, and join us in launching CBMC into the technological age of discipleship.

If you have questions, I’d love it if you texted me and asked me personally, I’d love to chat.

Have a very merry Christmas!

Randy Wolgemuth
CBMC National Director