MEETING DAY: Every Wednesday
MEETING TIME: 7:00 am (PST) In-Person only
CONTACT: Eddie Naude


MEETING DAY: Every Wednesday
MEETING TIME: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (Central Time) Online and In-Person
LOCATION: Winnipeg
CONTACT: Ben Hoeppner
204-955-0210 or

New Meeting Place
We will be leaving ‘R and R’ Restaurant on Portage Ave, and moving to Smitty’s at 1027 St. James st.,and Ellice. (We enjoyed our last meeting at R and R last Wednesday. We presented our excellent server, Cory with a thank you card and monetary gift.) We are thankful to the management for their good food and hospitality over the years. (The move is necessary because the restaurant chain is closing at this location).

Smitty’s 1027 St.James at Ellice
Our first meeting will be Wednesday June 26th. Meeting time : 12 noon,sharp. (Dale Hunt has secured a comfortable separate room for our
There is off-road parking space close to Smitty’s.
We’ll be on page 62 in our study book.
Look forward to seeing you!
Chris Capper

February 21, 2024
LOCATION: R‘n’R Restaurant, St.James, Winnipeg
CONTACT: Dale Hunt
ATTENDANCE: 15 (we’ve enjoyed good attendance with a number of new attendees at all meetings this year)
Ben Hoeppner, our regional director, presented his Life Testimony in an instructional format. (The plan is to use this approach as a monthly outreach tool.) We’d invite new contacts and have one member deliver their testimony at the third lunch session of each month.
Ben’s testimony was encouraging and well-received. An opportunity was given to all attendees to accept the Lord. An information card was available for attendees to sign and hand-in. Collected data allows follow-up.
Chris Capper

December 20, 2023
LOCATION: R‘n’R Restaurant, St.James, Winnipeg
CONTACT: Dale Hunt
Topic: Spirit-Filled Life
We continued upon the topic of successfully combating temptation in our daily life. There was eager discussion around key Scriptures. We all gave examples of our experiences in this daily battle!
We closed with prayer led by Ken. (There were several praise reports of the answers we had received to intercessory prayers.)
A hearty round of appreciation for the blessing we have received by attending these weekly get-togethers was evident as the meeting adjourned.
(We also thanked Dale for his leadership of our sessions.)
Please pray for Ben and Lynne Hoeppner as they travel in Western Canada this Christmas.
Next meeting : January 3, 2024
Chris Capper

December 13, 2023
LOCATION: R‘n’R Restaurant, St.James, Winnipeg
CONTACT: Dale Hunt
Topic: Spirit-filled Follower of Jesus
Ben Hoeppner asked for feedback back on our past ‘ special meeting’ with the CBMC international leader.
Ben shared his feedback from his private talk with Chris. Further discussion will occur next week year.
We had a very useful and strongly participative discussion on Scriptural
strategies to handling temptation in the life of the believer.
We closed in prayer and thanksgiving.
Chris Capper

November 30, 2023 – Special Meeting
LOCATION: R‘n’R Restaurant, St.James, Winnipeg
CONTACT: Dale Hunt
SUMMARY: We were pleased to have CBMC Global Leadership President : Christopher Simpson presenting today (Chris is a past member of the USA Secret Service).
Also, Dr.Ken Burton, Chair of our Canadian CBMC.

Dale Hunt welcomed  attendees to our meeting. Ben Hoeppner introduced our special guest speakers.
Christopher’s address focussed on the goal of reaching others with the Gospel. He shared strategies, suggested training materials and collected feedback from our assembled group.
One common request from attendees was for updated training methods in outreach.
We left the session feeling encouraged and grateful for the presentation.
Dr. Ken Burton closed in Prayer.
A period of informal discussion took place.
Chris Capper

MEETING DAY: Every Friday
MEETING TIME: 7:00 am – 8:00 am (Central Time) Online and In-Person
LOCATION: Winnipeg
CONTACT: Raymond Dueck


MEETING DAY: Every Thursday

LOCATION: Burlington CONTACT: Jim Fisher
905-330-5747 or 905-332-4696


MEETING DAY:  Wednesday Sept.-June
MEETING TIME: Varied times (Eastern Time) Online and In-Person
CONTACT: Sean Elliott

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