Christmas Newsletter 2020

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Hi there,
There is good news! So much good news in fact, that this newsletter is dedicated to that alone. In a world where every news post, social media outlet, and most conversations are entered around topics that bring stress… it’s time to remember there is so much good in this world. 
CBMC is also experiencing a lot of good things and I want to share some of it with you.
When I started as the National Director, one of the first things I did was encourage the use of the The WayOnline – and I encouraged all new groups to start online. I’m so happy to report that this move has been so beneficial for the organization and the people involved in groups – especially during this year of Covid! We have more groups started – which alone is excellent. But even more than that, they are thriving in an online situation. I would have never predicted a pandemic or lockdowns, but God in His infinite wisdom was directing us as an organization and we are so thankful to Him for these online groups that are thriving. 
We also have seen an increase in membership. This is critical at this time as our business leaders across the nation – and the world – are struggling with the new economics they are faced with. Having members – especially active members – gives us the ability to reach even more business leaders for Christ. This is very good news! 
Along with membership increases, we have a larger support base. God knows that to reach this nation we need financial support and dedicated men and women who generously give of what He has blessed them with. I’m happy to report that although there is still a long way forward, we have been blessed with an increase in our donor base. Thank you to God for moving hearts. And thank you to you for being used by him if you are part of that.
Good news sometimes takes different forms. Those of us who have Jesus as our hope and source of companionship and comfort know we have something powerful to offer. And I don’t say this lightly, but one of the most amazing pieces of good news is that now, at the end of 2020, people are more than ever looking for hope.
I want to encourage you to share that hope. As believers we need to not only be positive (because we know the end of the story) but to be active and proactive with living out and sharing our hope. We know where we will go when we die. We know God is in control. We know He is sovereign and GOOD. His birth, life, death and resurrection are the very truths that give us hope not just for today but for all eternity. 
My concern is how many Christians are caught in the paralyzing fear. I see many Christians fighting and arguing when they disagree. Have you noticed how there is such a little difference between those who are Christians and those who are not?
I would like to encourage you to shift your mindset to hope. To the Good News. To remember this Christmas that Jesus came to be the King of Kings. How are we allowing Him to rule in us today? Jesus really is the answer, and He really is Emmanuel: God With Us.
I would challenge you to live out that Good News in real, tangible and practical ways this season. Experience the hope of Jesus. Then extend that hope to those around you. I pray you will experience His hope and peace in fullness this Christmas.
Merry Christmas,
Randy Wolgemuth
CBMC National Director