Gold Growth Mastermind Leaders of Tomorrow includes 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, the Sunrize 90 Day Plan, DISC Personality, and The Unique Ability, a 12 month online program. This is an intensive program to propel experienced and up-and-coming businesspeople, owners, executives, upper level management, and entrepreneurs to highly effective practices in areas of business and personal success. Each GGM participant has the opportunity to garner wisdom from other professionals within the group, as well as directly from our National Director, Randy Wolgemuth who is a certified John Maxwell Coach.

All groups are confidential, supportive, encouraging, and life-changing.

Who is this for?

Those who would benefit the most from the GGM are those ready for
-Better work-life balance;
-Increased work potential;
-Personal and leadership growth;
-Deeper significance;
-And so much more.

Ideal for anyone who

-Leads people;
-Wants to stop the craziness;
-Desires to control their time and not be controlled by their business;
-Knows a change is necessary but is not quite sure where to start;
-Is a life-long learner!

Leaders of Tomorrow Program

CBMC would like to offer a unique opportunity to those wanting to invest in their future growth as a person or professional or by supporting someone else through this program.

Our Objective: CBMC to play an active role in supplying young business leaders with the skills, tools, and faith foundation to help them become the Christian business leaders for this next generation. Our goal is to target high potential leaders under 40 years old. Potential candidates would complete a questionnaire and the CBMC Leaders of Tomorrow Advisory team would review the candidates for eligibility.

The Program: Gold Growth Mastermind facilitated by John Maxwell Coach, Randy Wolgemuth. A combination of proven John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth, DISC Personality survey, “90 Day Sunrize Plan”, and The Unique Ability system. All of this included with Christian values needed to lead and live a Christian life. This is a 12 month online program. The first 15 weeks includes a 1 hour weekly Zoom call and then two 1 hour Zoom calls a month for the balance of the year. (every other week)

Financial: This program has a value of $8,000.00. In many cases these Leaders of Tomorrow have limited resources and CBMC would facilitate sponsors for these candidates. Sponsors would be asked to provide and upfront amount of $4,000.00, (or $350.00 per month) in supporting one candidate payable upon the start of the program. The candidate would be required to pay a minimum of $100.00 a month (12 month period). This would provide CBMC a total of $5,200.00 and would be the minimum financial contribution to enroll. If the candidate could afford more than $100.00 a month they may do so, however the maximum would not exceed a total of $8,000.00. Sponsors would have the opportunity to be connected with their candidate throughout the program.

Potential participants should send an email to: with a resume/bio and vision for their business.
Potential sponsors email  or call 204-782-3000.

*Charitable receipts would be issued from CBMC.

Testimonials from those who have taken the program

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in both life and business: doing the same things we’ve always done and getting the same results we’ve always gotten. Randy’s Gold Growth Mastermind forces you to re-evaluate everything. The pointed questions and interactive group setting create the perfect environment for growth in all aspects of life. I both operate my own business and work a full time job. The unique perspective brought out in the course benefited me in both. I would highly recommend this mastermind to anyone who is tired of their current status-quo and wants to move forward in both life and business.
– M.J.

“As a recruiter with many years of top executive recruitment, searching, qualifying and recommending only the best candidates for top executive positions and entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide, it is a pleasure to recommend business founder, Randy Wolgemuth as an executive mentor, leader and business professional.  It is rare to find someone with this combined skill-set.  Having met him originally as a Career Candidate, his dedication, determination, excellence in directing others was recently recognized in a new way as I enrolled in what I dubbed as his “Sunrize 90” personal growth seminar.  Randy, in a succinct manner minces no words when directing yet gently guiding delegates through a review of their most meaningful life encounters.  Ensuring that ZOOM meeting attendees stay focused he allows considerable freedom as one by one, each participant reveals encounters, occurrences and major life-affecting traumas, pivotal positions and dramatic (often traumatic) events that altered the course of history and future for that individual.  It must be stated that these interactive one hour sessions are constructively engaging and effective in reshaping every participants’ future.  They are transformational!  It is a privilege to recommend Randy for a leadership role in any organization desiring to upgrade the conduct and performance of those desiring to succeed.” 
– B.H.

“As a coach and leader myself, and someone who had been through John Maxwell’s materials more than once before I have to admit I wasn’t sure I’d personally gain the value of Randy’s Gold Growth Mastermind Group. I was very pleasantly surprised! I found the group discussions very insightful and they definitely spurred me to actually complete the weekly action steps. Because there are strategies and action steps each week this course definitely pushes and stretches one to make positive changes. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for change, growth, relief, and a fresh motivation. Regardless of how seasoned a business person you are, because of the very personal aspect to this coaching, anyone willing to do the work will find it beneficial. Randy is an excellent facilitator with an encouraging and personable approach.” 
– C.C.